Training Programme

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Farm imparts two types of training-

  1. Shearing Training
  2. Sheep Management & Production Training

Shearing Training

 The Farm imparts shearing training courses for th e leading veterinarian, para- veterinary staff & otherworks engaged in the field of shearing from the various govt. departments in the month of Feb/March & Oct/Nov twice in a year for a period of two weeks certificate course. The lodging & boarding is free while food charges are to be borne themselves during the period of training.

Sheep Management & Produc tion Training Programme

 The Sheep Management & Production Training progr amme is marked to give full training in respect to Sheep & Goat management especial ly to the farmers who are engaged in sheep farming for a period of one week certificate cour se. This shearing Training programme is in collaboration with wool board J odhpur with their fina ncial support to the fa rmers in respect to food etc.
The team of experts from the farm visits the lo cal villages from time to time for organizing the camps and solve their problems related to Sheep & Goat rearing. The farm also
participate at Pashu Melas organized at the state level & as well as at ce nter and also distribute informative Pampletes.
These courses are aimed at promoting the use of better germplasm & improving management techniques.